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For partners who got on board with Bromium’s new partner program, introduced almost 18 months ago, get ready for Protected App, the vendor’s latest offer being prereleased, the company announced Wednesday. Expect general availability in a couple of months.

Protected App flips on its head what Bromium Secure Platform, the currently available product, does. Protect App puts a bubble, or virtual wall, around applications and IP, that access sensitive business data. Secure Platform stops attacks and protects endpoints using virtualization-based security to create a microvirtual machine to isolate each task and any malware it may contain.

Bromium's Gavin Hill

Bromium’s Gavin Hill

“Bromium was founded on the principal that we allow bad stuff to happen within a micro VM and we completely isolate hardware from impacting the operating system in some way, shape or form,” Gavin Hill, vice president, products and strategy at Bromium, told Channel Partners. “Protected App pulls good stuff in a hardware-enforced containers.”

Protected App builds an air gap around the application on the endpoint, allowing employees to access sensitive systems without the need for a second PC. Users can work seamlessly between their endpoint and a secure application, performing all tasks on a single PC, according to Bromium.

It’s like having two PCs in one, both housed in the same box, using the same screen, keyboard, but completely isolated from one another, down to the hardware level. To the employee, it’s like having a familiar experience of working on a single physical machine, starting and running Protected App like any other Windows application while the connection to the sensitive data and IP is running completely isolated in a micro VM, which the host OS cannot see. Even if the network has been breached and the host PC is compromised, there’s no risk to the protected application and the data it contains.

“Today, we’re inviting people to start previewing the product and testing it out,” said Hill. “The concept is quite different, which is why we’re going about the launch this way.”

All Bromium deals go through a partner. This year the company has focused aggressively on making its product easy for partners to deploy. The result is that Bromium enables partners to deploy and configure products based on a specific use case as it relates to a customer’s pain point; for example, a series of plug-and-play, or out of the box, security solutions that address common security use cases such as defending against malware hiding in email attachments, malicious phishing links, and document and file downloads.

“The focus now is on helping our partners move down market to midsize enterprises what have any one of those use cases, among others, and deploy at the click of a button,” said Hill.

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