Botnets Causing More Headaches For Security Specialists


… $35 million being stolen in the ensuing confusion.

Along with cryptocurrency, gaming platforms continue to be a target as well, particularly during eSports tournaments. DDoS attacks affect not only game servers, which is often done to extort a ransom in return for not disrupting the competition, but also the gamers themselves who connect from their own platforms.

“There can be different motives for DDoS attacks – political or social protest, personal revenge, competition,” Kiselev said. “However, in most cases, they are used to make money, which is why cybercriminals usually attack those companies and services where big money is made. DDoS attacks can be used as a smokescreen to steal money or to demand a ransom for calling off an attack. The sums of money gained as a result of extortion or theft can amount to tens or hundreds of thousands and even millions of dollars. In that context, protection against DDoS attacks looks like a very good investment.”

Last month, a report by cloud delivery platform Akamai showed a 16 percent increase in total DDoS attacks this summer compared to last summer. The use of bots to abuse stolen credentials continues to be a major risk for internet-driven businesses, but the hospitality industry experiences many more credential abuse attacks than other sectors, it said.

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