LiveAction Debuts Dedicated Hardware Appliance

LiveAction Network Management Dashboard

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Leveraging its June acquisition of Savvius, a network performance and diagnostics firm, LiveAction, an IT network management, visualization and analytics provider, on Thursday announced its first-ever dedicated hardware appliance for its LiveNX network-management platform.

The LiveNX Server Appliance, the first fruit of the Savvius acquisition, is a plug-and-play solution that optimizes flow processing, reporting and analytics helping to simplify deployments for large-scale global networks.

LiveAction's John Smith

LiveAction’s John Smith

“While customers continue to value the deployment flexibility of our public cloud and server VM options, a large segment of the largest global enterprises are looking for the speed and simplicity of a plug-in appliance,” said John Smith, chief technology officer at LiveAction. “Our recent acquisition of Savvius allowed us to not only deliver that appliance quickly, but their extensive hardware-tuning experience also means we’re immediately setting a new industry standard for performance and scalability. And this is only scratching the surface of our synergies; there’s a lot more to come from the new LiveAction.”

The new LiveNX Server Appliance gives customers a choice of using a dedicated, high-performance appliance or their VM infrastructure to support their LiveNX installation. LiveNX is a network management and performance-monitoring solution. It collects and analyzes real-time data directly from network devices, such as routers, switches, firewalls and more, providing insights to plan, diagnose and optimize a customer’s environment to deliver application assurances for users across the enterprise.

LiveNX Server Appliance features include:

  • Accelerates network-performance monitoring by processing over 1 million flows per second.
  • LiveNX Server Appliance will be deployed with the latest version of LiveNX 7, providing advanced visibility and analytics of Cisco SD-WAN deployments and Cisco DNA-Center integrations.
  • Network monitoring that supports SNMP, NetFlow, sFlow, J-Flow, IPFIX, NetStream and APIs for systems integration.
  • Hardware acceleration of functions to improve performance of SLA reporting, analytics processing and multidomain data-source ingestion.

Product availability is scheduled for Aug. 1.

In April 2017, LiveAction launched a managed-service provider (MSP) partner program to provide access to its LiveNX platform.

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