Tech Data: Conversations Should Focus On 3rd-Platform Technologies

Tech Data's Andrea Miner at Channel Link 2018

… those current technologies, and I think that’s part of the drive to get there. And I think that’s why it’s evolving.”

When it comes to the language of a sale, “We’re way past the time when speeds and feeds matter,” Privett said.

“They matter today, but they’re not the outcome,” he said. “I’m trying to get to the best possible outcome for my customer, and because of that, they want to say, ‘What’s the solution that you’re trying to provide? What’s the positive experience you’re trying to present to your customer?’ … And you can get to that solution by leveraging technology and IP that exists between Tech Data and Cisco to get that to the market.”

Wade Smith, president and CEO of I2oT Solutions, an industrial IoT provider, said working with Tech Data made it easy for his company to think big in terms of the end customer and to do “hundreds of thousands of dollars in sell” as a small company.

“The IoT world is very broad and industrial IoT is very specialized; you have to have a breadth and depth of knowledge, which is challenging on its own because there’s always innovation happening and connectivity is really key,” he said. “Looking at these vendors, they have solutions in my area and others do not, and I’m trying to convince them, ‘Hey, you need industrial end devices.’ We need these things so we can actually continue promoting the end devices into the inventory where the worker can utilize the tools that we can provide.”

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