Accedian Pursues Enterprise Market with New Partner Program


Partner Program

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Targeting managed service providers (MSPs), cloud service providers, system integrators and solution providers, Accedian, a Montreal, Canada-based, end-to-end network and application performance visibility solution vendor, on Thursday introduced its global Skylight 4X Partner Program.

This is the first partner program for Accedian, in business since 2005.

“Our core business has always been network-performance assurance for service providers, or big carriers,” Sergio Bea, vice president, global enterprise and channel at Accedian, told us. “With the acquisition of Performance Vision late last year – that paired with our existing portfolio – it gave us a great entrance into the enterprise market, which we weren’t addressing.”

The company’s new portfolio targets network and application performance, or layer 2 through layer 7, and is built for the cloud.

Accedian's Sergio Bea

Accedian’s Sergio Bea

“It’s very good for a hybrid architecture; it can be deployed as a 100 percent software solution and runs in virtual machines, if needed. So, as enterprises migrate to hybrid and public cloud – or any-size company going through digital transformation – we’re in the center of that process,” said Bea.

As far as Bea is concerned, pursuing the enterprise market requires an indirect sales channel, the driver for the Skylight 4X partner program. While Accedian worked with some partners prior to the launch of Skylight 4X , partner relationships were treated individually and with no framework.

Expecting to compete against existing companies and hoping to attract partners who already work with competing vendors, Bea said that he put together a partner program that is disruptive, hoping to make it one that potential partners will embrace.

Two elements that make the Skylight 4X partner program unique are flexibility and ease of doing business with Accedian, he said.

“I know that many companies say that, but we’ve put processes in place to make that a reality,” he said.

For example, a partner can join the program and within a week have access to all of the automated, online prerequisites to get on board. The flexibility piece is allowing partners to grow with Accedian at their own pace.

Upon sign-up, partners receive a minimum set of benefits with additional ones kicking in as partners increases their involvement with the company. For example, they get training credits that have to be used within six months of joining the program. Partners who use their credits get incremental discounts.

The 4X Partner Program has four tracks: 4X Champion MSP partners, 4X Champion (for resell partners), 4X Authorized, and referral partners. Program benefits include deal registration; market development funds (MDF) focused on lead generation; no-cost training and certification; one free lab license; and marketing tools and support.

Through the program, Accedian’s partners also will be able to resell …

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