Telarus Upgrades UCaaS Matrix, HTG 360 Hires National Channel Manager

Telarus' Patrick Oborn

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TELARUS PARTNER XCHANGE — Telarus on Thursday rolled out a tool to help partners guide customers through vendor selection.

The master agent launched its UCaaS Matrix resource in 2016 but announced an upgrade at this year’s partner conference. The website, available on the Telarus back office, lets partners narrow down a long list of vendors based on attributes and competencies and make head-to-head comparisons. Telarus has also added matrices for SD-WAN, security, cloud and call center.

Telarus's Patrick Oborn

Telarus’s Patrick Oborn

Telarus Co-Founder Patrick Oborn said the upgraded tool will make partners look like geniuses in front of their customers.

“This is your trick in your back pocket,” Oborn said. “This is why working with Telarus is going to make you smarter than working with the other masters. Because we want you to win, and we’re going to invest in tools for you to do this.”

The Matrix is available only to agents with a login, but Telarus has made some vendor information publicly available. Oborn announced that the Matrix is already available on the Telarus Partner App.

“Not only do we want you to be the best. We want you to be the best on your phone. You are literally a mobile agent; you can go anywhere you want with that phone, and you will be able to give Gartner-level advice to any of your clients,” he said.

Telarus does a technology (usually software) reveal every year at its partner event. Last year the new tool was MoonRize, which expands order visibility for partners.

This year’s partner conference moved to Boca Raton, Florida after several years in Utah. It’s also the first conference after the merger of Telarus and competitor master agent CarrierSales. Telarus CEO Adam Edwards spoke yesterday about the synergies between the two companies.

Horizon's Chris Ichelson

HTG 360’s Chris Ichelson

HTG 360 CEO Chris Ichelson says both companies and their respective employees are unified under the same brand.

“The two companies have gone through a massive combining of two very separate companies,” Ichelson said. “They’ve done an awesome job at it. From a partner perspective, I do not hear of any restriction in the space.”

He reiterated Telarus CEO Adam Edwards’ sentiment that CarrierSales brought several new specializations to the combined company, including contact center and security. Ichelson says the overall result is Telarus obtaining more resources and more diverse perspectives. The company said last year that it would become the second largest master agent as a result of the transaction, vying for supremacy against Intelisys.

“If you have one big organization in a space, a lot of times the competitors need to combine resources and combine talent,” Ichelson said. “If not, the road to get there is…

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