StorageCraft Unveils New ConnectWise, Autotask Integrations

Integration strategy

…channel for the last 12 to 18 months as we’ve been developing our process, and our systems enablement and technologies,” Yarnes said. “So there’s a lot of great things that we’ve been doing. We’ve been a little quiet and now we’re going to start to open the doors, and voice the efforts and successes we’re having.

The company is now being “crisp” in its approach to the types of businesses it is working with, he said.

“Before we had kind of a one approach for everybody and it was very much more biased toward the assumption that we’re talking to pure-play MSPs, which … didn’t take into account that there’s so many variations in wrapping IP around our solution and how do we become more relevant,” Yarnes said. “So we’re focusing in on understanding partners’ businesses and creating efficiencies with them, and offering flexibility in the licensing models so they can be successful.”

Hugo Parra, StorageCraft’s senior director of product management, said his company is continuing to invest in its current portfolio, as well as a product line that’s now under development.

“Our investment has gone up so that we can predict the release time and functionality, and so we can react to customers, and basically be up front and the best solution on the market when it comes down to that integration,” he said. “So that’s been a lot of the messaging and it’s been very well received by the audience.”

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