Evolve IP Survey: Cloud Is Safest Location for Data


Cloud Security

IT managers’ confidence in the security of cloud is at an all-time high, according to a new survey by Evolve IP.

Executives and IT professionals revealed that they overwhelmingly believe the cloud is safer for their data than on-premises data centers during environmental incidents, hardware failure and malicious attacks. The survey of more than 1,500 professionals also revealed that nearly six in 10 organizations would prefer having a single cloud-services provider handling their various hosted solutions.

Scott Kinka, Evolve IP’s chief technology officer and founding partner, tells Channel Partners that IT managers have “really come around from when we first surveyed businesses about six years ago.”

Evolve IP's Scott Kinka

Evolve IP’s Scott Kinka

“Today, [nearly 73] percent of IT managers consider themselves cloud believers compared to just 53 percent back in 2013,” he said. “The expected pace of cloud phone system adoption is also much higher. Six years ago just 17 percent noted they were planning on evaluating/deploying a solution; today, that number is 30 percent, with three-quarters of those respondents saying they plan to evaluate/deploy within the next two years.”

Four in 10 cite cloud security as a concern, the lowest number reported since the survey’s inception, and down nine points from 2013.

“It might be hard to imagine, but the pace of cloud adoption is only going to increase from where we are today,” Kinka said. “While we’ve all been living with the cloud for a decade now, the majority of businesses are just coming into the first refresh cycle of their ‘cloud era.’ Combine that with increased confidence, lowered concerns about security and a myriad of enhanced services, and we’ll see that the ride is just getting started.”

More than nine in 10 indicated that they currently deploy services in the cloud, and almost half (46 percent) of businesses indicated that their budget for cloud services increased in 2018 — while just 7 percent saw a decrease.

Some 40 percent of firms expect to evaluate or deploy Office 365, with 70 percent saying this will happen in the next year.

“The data shows that there are massive opportunities before the channel on all fronts: cloud communications and collaboration, contact centers, cloud computing, identity management and more,” Kinka said. “The challenge for channel partners has changed from convincing IT to move to the cloud, to managing and integrating the multiple cloud solutions that the customer has or wants to acquire. Simply stated: Building a cloud strategy for the customer.”

“Executives and senior IT leaders have been championing the cloud in their organizations for years and we are now seeing a dramatic increase in support from IT managers and the teams implementing cloud solutions,” said Tim Allen, Evolve IP’s chief sales and marketing officer, and founding partner. “Now that cloud services are nearly universally accepted, and adoption is over 90 percent, the challenge for organizations has become how to strategically unify their current cloud solutions, while seamlessly integrating them with existing applications and new cloud services.”

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