Pegasystems Launches New ISV Program



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Pegasystems has unveiled its Pega Independent Software Vendor (ISV) program, allowing for the first time independent development on its next-generation digital transformation suite, Pega Infinity.

Partners can integrate with and build new offerings that answer specific market needs, the company said. ISVs also will benefit from a commercial go-to-market model to help raise awareness of their solutions to potential clients.

Pegasystems' Rupen Shah

Pegasystems’ Rupen Shah

Rupen Shah, Pegasystems’ vice president of independent software alliances and strategy, tells Channel Partners that clients’ needs fueled the company’s decision to launch this program, “as they are facing an era of new competitors and rapid innovation.” He is leading the new program.

“To stay agile and meet customers’ expectations, they’re seeking to address gaps in their digital-transformation initiatives, which requires specialized technology solutions that address unique business requirements,” he said. “This program will greatly expand the portfolio of Pega-based products available to clients in existing and new markets.”

Pegasystems’ software, built on its unified platform, allows people to deploy, extend and change applications to meet strategic business needs.

The ISV program will welcome a select group of leading technology providers. Pegasystems will provide ISV partners with the “ideal environment and tools to independently build, modify, and integrate with” its technology.

All Pegasystems-based solutions offered by ISV partners will be available on the company’s online software marketplace. ISVs will work with the company to develop content and market their offerings to increase visibility.

Movable Ink, which just announced a partnership with Pega to lend its intelligent content marketing capabilities, is a candidate for the program,” Shah said.

“From images to text, delivering a perfect experience requires deep knowledge of consumers and the ability to use data to adapt in the moment,” said Vivek Sharma, Movable Ink’s CEO. “This is central to what both we and Pega enable, making this partnership a natural fit and powerful option for marketers.”

Pegasystems had relationships with companies that sought a commercial go-to-market model to engage more closely with the company and raise awareness of their offerings to potential clients, Shah said.

“With that feedback, we’ve created the ISV partner program to provide them with an open development landscape to develop Pega-based solutions,” he said.

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