GDPR Deadline Is Here: Are You Ready?


… dedicate more resources to it, and in this case, we are talking about (people).”

For many companies, the “breadth of policies, processes and technical security controls” required often appears daunting, Vogel said.

“Outsourcing components of their infrastructure to IT channel partners who have already achieved compliance can greatly reduce the burden on an organization trying to tackle everything themselves,” he said.

One way to help keep costs under control is to work with partners that have “robust compliance programs and a good understanding of the GDPR requirements so that the necessary integration is easier for all involved,” Vogel said.

Being compliant requires a lot of effort and costs a lot of money, hence why many businesses to this day do not really do much in terms of compliance and manage to fly under the radar for years, Mavituna said.

“Yet it seems with GDPR we have a different story,” he said. “I was quite impressed to see that most businesses will be GDPR compliant by the deadline. That is not something you see every day.”

GDPR will definitely have financial repercussions for companies operating and serving users within Europe, said Gil Regev, RGK Mobile‘s chief communications officer.

“From online banking and insurance companies to mobile-commerce providers and social networks, they will all need to inform users of their data-collection and maintenance practices and receive explicit approval from users,” he said. “This could mean that millions of current users not checking all their emails or those who block pop-ups could miss these alerts, potentially forcing a vendor to block or remove accounts from its database. The consequences here could reach far beyond what the EU has signed up for and the room for compliance interpretation is in dire need of clarification.”

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  1. Avatar steven meister May 25, 2018 @ 4:12 pm

    When I read articles like this i have to shake my head. Did you in this survey ask how many have and will deliver Indirect Identifiers? If so and of honest 95% or great will say, What is that? I wonder if in these surveys a list of questions asking specifically what and how they are accomplishing discovery/encryption, Consent communications and documents, true erasure of all data when requested, how they are handling emails and unstructured data, all just to name a few. Are they centralizing their data to do these processes? if not how can they be doing relationships, correlations of data across databases and operating environments?

    Not being an ass here – this is just the reality and I am finding the studies and surveys stating 93% or greater are not ready, is a more realistic article to write.

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