Veeam Moves Aggressively to Win the Enterprise Market

Veeam Partner Summit 2018 Keynote Room

VEEAMON PARTNER SUMMIT — With its goal of capturing what’s projected to be a $30 billion “hyper-availability” market, Veeam is focusing on aggressively expanding into the enterprise market, 2,500 attendees at VeeamOn Partner Summit 2018 in Chicago learned Monday.

The partner-led vendor sees its journey with partners, which began in 2008, as protecting their joint customers’ most critical data across virtual workloads. It ventured into the private cloud in 2012, and in 2018, that journey extends across multiclouds to enable the hyper-available enterprise. A hyper-available environment is one that’s always on and provides access to data at your fingertips.

Veeam's Kevin Rooney

Veeam’s Kevin Rooney

“We will end 2018 at $1.1 billion in software revenue,” Kevin Rooney, vice president, Americas partner sales at Veeam, said in the opening keynote. “But we have plans to go well beyond $2 billion — to $2.5 billion in the years beyond 2020. What that says to those of you in this room is, hitch your wagon to a vendor that’s growing well outside the pace of our competition.”

Veeam’s vision is to be the most trusted provider of intelligent data-management solutions, meeting the expectations of a world that demands the hyper-availability of data.

In January 2017, Veeam segmented its customer market into SMB, or 250 seats or less; Fortune 1000 companies, referred to as Veeam’s enterprise business; and customers in between as commercial, SLED, federal and cloud businesses. The company, Rooney said, is winning in all of those segments.

Veeam also progressed from having “friendships” with alliance partners over the past few years to now having go-to-market strategies with them — a huge play for Veeam and partners.

“We want your customers building their businesses on Veeam, and we’ll invest more in partners’ businesses that take that approach,” Rooney said.

Additionally, he noted that competitors are everywhere. Veeam wants more market share and needs partners to get on board. Attendees heard the partner executive say that Veeam is building out a professional-services opportunity for Veeam accredited partners.

“Veeam is not in the business, nor will it be in the business, of delivering professional services on its own. But what we are in the business of is spinning up a team that can create the statement of work and educate our partner community to go and do what we know the customers are asking for,” he said.

Professional services will open new revenue and growth opportunities, and for partners willing to integrate Veeam deeper into their businesses, they too can expect to see new opportunities. Rooney told the audience that over the next 12-18 months, many businesses will move on from their legacy backup systems, which is a shared opportunity for …

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