Kaspersky Lab Ditches ‘Toxic Media Environment,’ Focuses On Transparency

Kaspersky Trusted Advisors Summit Scottsdale

… they were going to those different places and that those were threats that we needed to think about,” he said. “I thought the automotive one was very interesting, that you could be going down the road, and you’re connected to your satellite radio or satellite communication, and you could get a man-in-the-middle attack and they change your GPS coordinates. Or even to steal information off your iPhone, take all your contacts and you don’t even realize it. Those kinds of things are a lot to think about. And it sure looks like [Kaspersky] is driving a path to new-generation solutions for protection, which is what everybody is looking for.”

In terms of trusting Kaspersky, Grant said all his customers asked questions at the height of the controversy.

“I basically said to them, ‘What information do you have that you would never want the Russian government to have”” he said. “What does your law firm have to worry about a possible problem like the Department of Defense is worried about? What they’re worried about is not what you should be worried about. What they’re worried about is the fact that they can’t prove that they’re not taking the information, and Kaspersky wouldn’t be the product that it is if it [were] stealing all this information, because somebody would have caught them by now. They’re going to get caught if that’s what they’re doing.”

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