BullsEye Intros Key System for VoIP Phones

BullsEye Key VoIP System

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PRESS RELEASE — Southfield, MI, May 8, 2018 – Michigan-based BullsEye Telecom, the leading national multi-location communications solutions provider, has announced the launch of its first-ever VoIP-based key system.

This new phone system allows users to park calls with the press of a single button and also to see which lines are parked and which are currently free. The system also allows for calls to be easily picked up from any other phone regardless of physical location. This is particularly useful for businesses such as restaurants and retail that rely on multiple phones situated throughout a particular building.

Built from direct customer feedback, BullsEye’s VoIP Key System will help businesses that are ready to move from POTS to VoIP retain the familiarity of a “key type” system for their users. Features of the VoIP Key System include:

  • One button to park a call to an orbit, and all parking orbits synced between phones
  • Parked or free status indicated via LED
  • Ability to pick up parked calls from any phone
  • Two page groups per location that can be joined or exited from dedicated soft keys on each phone
  • Custom labels available for parking orbits

“The goal with BullsEye’s VoIP Key System was to replicate a phone system that people are used to while at the same time integrate the latest technology and best practices that are reflected in a VoIP-based product,” said Evan Branstner, network endpoint engineer for BullsEye Telecom. “Our product offers a familiar interface on an attractive, user-friendly phone to help transition customers who have never tried VoIP, but still wish to keep traditional functionality.”

VoIP Key System is the latest addition to BullsEye’s growing suite of VoIP endpoints, all of which are geared toward delivering increased efficiency, reliability and scalability, while reducing overall costs. BullsEye customers enjoy the day-to-day benefits of having engineers who know the latest technologies and collaborate directly with them to create a truly optimized communications environment.

About BullsEye Telecom Inc.
A “Pure Michigan” company founded in 1999, BullsEye Telecom Inc. provides SD-WAN, VoIP, broadband, and POTS to multi-location customers across the U.S. BullsEye is well versed at helping its customers first aggregate their POTS lines, and then effectively convert those lines to VoIP. We empower enterprises with the tools they need to consolidate and better manage critical business functions by providing customized solutions, dedicated account management, consolidated billing and powerful online management tools from a single source. Through our My BullsEye Account (MBA) online management portal, businesses can make real-time account changes and manage service requests, as well as obtain key business insight via extensive reporting and trending capabilities. To learn more, visit

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