Riverbed Channel Chief: ‘Customer-Driven’ Channel Approach Spurs Growth

Riverbed's Bridget Bisnette

… CDW or CompuServe.

“Someone like CDW [that] manages millions of desktops,” Bisnette said, “they are a perfect target for us to sell to and say, ‘You should add visibility as another service you sell to your clients.”

Bisnette clarified the message behind the Riverbed Rise partner program’s shift earlier this year from competency-based rewards to performance-based rewards.

She says the company is unique because it it is outcome-based and not product-based. But that doesn’t mean competency is going out the window.

“We are not de-emphasizing the importance of learning. As partners decide to bring on SteelCentral, they have to learn new skills and capabilities. It’s still a cornerstone; it’s just not the reason we incentivize them.”

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