Spiceworks: Millennials Differ from Gen X, Baby Boomers on IT Spending


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I asked Peter: If millennials prefer a relationship with a vendor, why aren’t they as interested in that vendor’s support?

The younger generation believes there are easy ways to get support without talking to the vendor, particularly online methods, Tsai said.

Tsai, who graduated from college in 2002 and falls into the millennial category, says he and many of his peers learned the habit of using the internet for help material.

“Whenever I run into a problem, the first place I go is Google, then it’s YouTube, then it’s forums, then something on social media,” he said.

The takeaways of the study confirm what many channel experts have been saying for the last few years: Relationships are more important than you think. The channel is aging out, according to Forrester’s Jay McBain, and the upcoming generation of partners and business owners seem to place a higher value on personal encounters.

“To really stand out, all organizations including channel partners really need to personalize their messages and spend a little bit more time on genuinely trying to help people out – not only millennials, but everybody – in order to stand out above the noise.”

The Spiceworks study painted millennials in a much kinder light than a recent First Orion survey, which painted them as being gullible and overconfident with mobile technology.

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