Chatbot Latest Opportunity for Vonage Partners to Solve Customers’ Problems


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CHANNEL PARTNERS CONFERENCE & EXPO — Vonage (booth #3011 and a Premier Sponsor) has launched its first chatbot, Vee, which augments the customer experience via the company’s cloud-native platform, Vonage Business Cloud.

Bob Crissman, Vonage’s senior vice president and channel chief, tells Channel Partners that Vee illustrates the importance of going to market with business solutions as opposed to simply selling products. Vonage sponsored the Business Success Symposium at this week’s Channel Partners Conference & Expo.

Vonage's Bob Crissman at CP Expo BSS 2018

Vonage’s Bob Crissman on stage at he Channel Partners Conference & Expo, April 17.

Users can set up and manage their accounts, using natural language commands to ask Vee questions and receive assistance in troubleshooting issues in real time. Live chat with Vee suggests a variety of options to meet a customer’s needs based on the context of the questions asked, the company said.

“Over the long haul, (customers) don’t say I need new phones,” Crissman told us in an interview at the Channel Partners Conference & Expo. “What keeps them up at night is, ‘Wow, I wish I could get to market faster, I wish I knew my customers better, my competitors seem to know them, why don’t I know them that way?’ So what we’re really trying to do is lead with business solutions and impress upon our partners to lead with business solutions.”

Vee was purpose-built to complement Vonage Business Cloud’s set of features and functionality, said Ron Mayaan, Vonage’s vice president of product management.

“With Vee, we are enhancing the customer journey to empower businesses to more easily take charge of the vast capabilities their Vonage service provides, and to easily access customer support when they have questions or need guidance in managing their accounts,” he said. “And, for customers who prefer a more personal touch, Vonage’s 24/7 customer care team is always available to answer questions and lend a helping hand.”

Listening to customers and providing solutions to their problems is a recurring theme at the conference. Vee is an example of some of the technology that Vonage is pulling together to allow partners to “put these solutions together for their customers,” Crissman said.

“So the agents, if they have professional-services capacity of their own or if they want to work with somebody who has professional-services capacity, to go and take these pieces of technology and …

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