CoreDial Ready to Challenge RingCentral, 8×8, Vonage in UC

Unified Communications

… user interfaces and usefulness for everybody in a company, be it sales, marketing, support, engineering or administration with the UC capabilities. We can serve the modern office where there’s a lot of mobile workers, they might have multiple offices all over the place, they might be leveraging an SD-WAN solution or maybe not, so this basically enables them to run their business on a computer and a mobile phone with almost limitless scalability and tremendous usefulness across the enterprise.”

CoreDial’s sweet-spot end customer is 25 seats on up to 500-plus seats, he said.

“We obviously have bigger and we have smaller, and what we know we’re really good at is our channel is really good at selling, delivering, managing and invoicing for services to the SMB and SME,” Rihm said. “For the first 12-and-a-half years we’ve had a really strong channel platform and we believe it’s the best business model for the channel. And now that we’ve got a robust contact-center solution, and very soon everything we need from a UC and mobile environment, we now have everything that everybody else has, and a better platform and business model.”

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