Lifesize Redesigns Partner Program Based on Partner Feedback


… all of our programs, we share with people their published goals, their attainment reports, how they’re standing and their potential earnings. Because the reporting is cleaner, partners can be more proactive with it. It’s much more effective than a quarterly letter that says this is how you did and didn’t really break down how it was calculated and how they got there.”

The new program has improved upon previous programs by better promoting and rewarding the “right kinds of reseller behavior and by providing resources to the resellers to grow their business with Lifesize,” said Chris Harmon, owner and president at i2i technologies, a Lifesize reseller partner.

“It is so refreshing to have a manufacturer that asks its resellers how they can help us grow our business with them, but Lifesize doesn’t stop there,” he said. “They listen and follow up with much-needed resources to help its resellers maximize their success. The turnaround in the quantity and quality of support for the channel in the last year has been amazing and has made a very positive impact on my business.”

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