Verizon Needs TPx to Step Aside For 5G Deployment


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Verizon doesn’t plan to let TPx Communications stand in the way of its 5G network deployment. It’s all about spectrum.

Verizon has asked TPx to relocate from a 28 GHz link in the San Francisco-Oakland-San Jose basic trading area (BTA) so it can deploy its network there. The carrier is the current licensee planning a 5G network deployment in the LMDS A-block and wants TPx to move its current operations from the LMDS A-block to the LMDS B-block.

TPx is asking the Federal Communications Commission (FCC) for a special temporary authority to perform a 31GHz field trial in Fremont and Milpitas in the San Francisco area. The purpose is to test equipment and performance in the LMDS B-block. The testing is needed prior to relocation.

Verizon submitted a letter in support of the TPx testing. Testing would start this month.

“A successful test will permit TPx to relocate its current link in the 27500-28350 MHz band (LMDS A-block) into the LMDS B-block under a long-term spectrum lease,” Verizon said.

Verizon is set to start the commercial launch of its 5G fixed wireless broadband services in the second half of this year following its successful trials in 11 U.S. markets last year. Verizon said its deployment of 5G technology over millimeter wave spectrum will provide “massive bandwidth, ultra-high speed and single digit latency for emerging fixed and mobile use cases.”

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