Telesystem Launches SD-WAN After ‘Methodical Approach’



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Telesystem announced a software-defined wide area networking (SD-WAN) offering Friday.

The Ohio-based company said it took a long-term, “methodical” approach to rolling out an SD-WAN solution. Telesystem partnered with Versa Networks in September and ran a beta trial for the technology. Telesystem executives say that the company focused on responding to customer feedback rather than having the fastest deployment. Mike Bilik, Telesystem’s chief marketing officer, said the development process for SD-WAN was particularly thorough.

Telesystem's Mike Bilik

Telesystem’s Mike Bilik

“Early on, we knew we wouldn’t be first to the market, but we didn’t see that as a detriment; instead, our perspective was to focus on developing a product that we could confidently launch, without sacrificing our user experience. Our business customers expect that. They know and trust us because we provide solid customer support on all of our services,” Bilik said. “We don’t launch a product until it goes through our stringent development process, and that includes ensuring that everyone, front office

Warren Reyburn, Telsystem’s chief revenue offer, said the solution fits into the company’s overall security portfolio.

“We place a high priority on our value proposition in the security space. For over eight years we have offered edge-device and cloud-based service options to manage security and threat considerations for our end users, addressing everything from content management, to WAN link redundancy and managed VPN services,” Reyburn said. In 2017, we launched our always-on Secure Internet as a Service to great response and success.”

Telesystem brands its new offering as having three main benefits:

  • Users can better control their applications and decide which ones take priority.
  • Businesses can now “virtually eliminate outages.”
  • A cost-effective way to add new bandwidth and locations to the network.

Telesystem posted a Youtube video that outlines some of the solution’s details:

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