SonicWall Rolls Out SecureFirst MSSP Program


… the service offering, the service-level description and the potential types of services that can be launched. It will also include information on the finance model to help partners set pricing. There will be many blueprints offered over time, McCrady said.

Partners also get a start guide, an architecture guide and advice on branding. There’s also guidance on reports.

“With this holistic, complete from start to finish approach – from how to prime the pump to the architectures and finance models – we know that [our MSSP program] is really different,” said McCrady.

The MSSP program will be based on tiers, with varying requirements from “easy” to more advanced. The goal of offering a tier with “easy” requirements is to attract partners with a commitment to managed services to get started.

“When we launched our SecureFirst Partner Program a little more than a year ago, we always knew that there’d be opportunities for incremental programs that fit in with SecureFirst,” Pataky said. “Then, based on partner desires, the composition of their business, where they want to invest, and what their practice looks like, we keep standing up incremental components to SecureFirst to help them and us together go capture new market opportunities.”

The first incremental program that SonicWall announced, in November, was the Partner Enabled Services Program. The vendor launched a lineup of professional security services that all SonicWall partners could sell to their customers. The new MSSP program is the second.

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