Verizon CEO to IBM’s Rometty: Industry Disrupted by iPhone, 5G, Fiber, IoT

Digital Disruption

… critical for Verizon, which sees the possibilities of 5G as endless.

“We know our limitations. We see the opportunities building on that new platform and we’re committed to being a leader,” said McAdam.

He pointed to three options for partnering: Do what the folks who monetize on the current 4G network do, which is provide the connectivity and let others build on top of it — however, McAdam said this wasn’t a much-liked option; publish APIs and allow others to publish applications; or work with strategic partners in vertical industries, look at the capabilities of the network and work with specific groups around specific variables of the network.

What does the future hold for Verizon?

“We’re going to be very focused on solutions for our customers, working with our partners, and providing that high-speed linkage in a very responsive network as we move forward,” he said.

Dave McKay, president and CEO of the Royal Bank of Canada (RBC), and Michael White, CEO designate, IBM-Marersk Joint Venture, also took part in the executive panel at IBM Think.

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