Cato Study: Carriers’ SD-WAN ‘Maintains Their Hold’ on Customer MPLS


… carriers are trying to hold onto $60 billion of MPLS revenue. Other vendors have pushed back on that characterization, and the debate has become one of the more common topics in SD-WAN.

The study also found that four in five (81 percent) businesses see security as a crucial aspect of their SD-WAN strategy..

Kramer wrote that the recent survey shows “positive momentum” for SD-WAN and “major shortcomings.”

“When organizations invest in SD-WAN point solutions they may carry forward the legacy baggage of the traditional WAN – expensive MPLS services, appliance sprawl, and the overhead of maintaining and updating branch security solutions – limiting the business impact of WAN transformation,” he said. “Our future networks must holistically address global connectivity, network security, cloud integration and mobile access to truly drive the business forward.”

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