Vonage Rolls Out New Partner Program for Its API Platform


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Vonage is integrating its Nexmo API platform with a growing network of integration-platform-as-a-service (iPaaS) providers such as Microsoft and MuleSoft, and bot platform partners like Google and Converse AI.

Through the Nexmo Partner Program, these third-party partners can use Vonage’s suite of APIs to build messaging and voice experiences for their customers within their own applications, integration projects or complementary platforms. The program works directly with application, integration and technology partners that use Nexmo APIs or a combination of APIs and consultative services to help “deliver better business outcomes to customers by building and marketing applications, workflow platforms and bots through enhanced messaging and voice capabilities,” the company said.

Bob Crissman, Vonage’s senior vice president and channel chief, tells Channel Partners the “appetite” for communications-platform-as-a-service (CPaaS) technology and the awareness of the benefits of cloud-based APIs is growing rapidly among agile enterprises, “especially as they realize the need for integration of communications into existing business applications.”

Vonage's Bob Crissman

Bob Crissman

“But they do not always have the resources or onsite-developer expertise in order to implement these technologies,” he said. “That is where our partners will play a big role. Between technology partners that provide programmable real-time communication to integration partners that are trusted entities to handle the development, Vonage is enhancing partners’ ability to be part of the programmable era, using APIs via its API Platform, Nexmo, to create solutions and building blocks on their own platform, working together to serve the enterprise customer. With Vonage’s Nexmo Partner Program, we believe that this open, partner-led approach enables us to maximize this opportunity while ensuring that end customers are successful with our platform.”

Vonage’s iPaaS and bot partners offer visual building tools that allow business users to easily compose workflows and conversational bot automations without writing any code, the company said.

“In order to be successful, partners require a close working relationship with Vonage, including the product team, support team, marketing and sales,” Crissman said. “Many agile enterprises do not have the onsite resources to implement these platform and technologies without additional support. This program enables us to collaborate cross-functionally, providing ongoing consultative support to ensure the success of our partners and also our end customers, helping them to ultimately drive better business outcomes.”

The iPaaS and bot partner integrations demonstrate Vonage’s commitment to a partnership strategy for its API platform, the company said. Its reach will continue to grow as partners seek to enhance their own platforms with enterprise-grade, global communications capabilities that will augment – not compete with – their own products, it said.

“This relationship is another example of MuleSoft’s growing ecosystem of technology partners and solutions available through Anypoint Exchange,” said Brian Miller, MuleSoft’s vice president of business development. “In today’s hyperspecialized and digital world, a company’s ability to leverage customer data and build a dynamic, engaging customer experience has become a key factor to success. With the MuleSoft Certified Nexmo API, MuleSoft customers are able to enhance the way they connect with their customers in new, innovative and more meaningful ways.”

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