Juniper Networks Expands Portfolio for Secure Multicloud Computing

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Juniper Networks on Thursday announced an expanded portfolio for a secure multicloud computing strategy that includes the data center, campus, branch office and cloud.

The new products are designed to help businesses put the infrastructure pieces in place to be ready for multicloud computing, as they prepare to move an increasing number of workloads to the cloud.

Juniper Networks' Bikash Koley

Juniper Networks’ Bikash Koley

“The promise of multicloud is to deliver an infrastructure that is secure, ubiquitous, reliable and fungible and where the migration of workloads will be a simple and intuitive process,” said Bikash Koley, chief technology officer at Juniper Networks. “For IT to be successful in becoming multicloud-ready, it is critical organizations consider not only the data center and public cloud, but also the on-ramps of their campus and branch networks. Otherwise, enterprises will face fractured security and operations as network boundaries prevent seamless, end-to-end visibility and control.”

A Juniper-commissioned study by PwC found that workload migration is underway in the next three years across every core functional area, such as customer service, systems management, marketing, compute bursting, business applications, DevOps and backup and recovery.

The study, that included 235 survey responses and 35 live interviews, was conducted in July 2017. Survey respondents identified themselves as: CIO or head of IT (52 percent) and vice president of IT or IT manager (32 percent).

Looking at workloads on-premises, in the public cloud, and in the private cloud, the study reveals that workloads are becoming more distributed across multiple environments, with the largest shift occurring from on-premises to the public cloud.

To help firms migrate to a multicloud architecture, Juniper introduced the following:

Data Center Products

  • A universal switch for data center spine, data center edge, and data center interconnect (DCI). The QFX10002-60C switch can be used as a spine or an edge device for DCI. Juniper is also adding the QFX5210-64C, a spine switch, and the QFX5200-48Y, a top-of-rack switch.
  • Secure workload transitions with new line cards: The QFX MACsec line card addition to the QFX10000 modular switches provides connectivity for encrypted traffic in and between data centers.

Campus Products

Recognizing that campus networks will play an integral role in multicloud security and operations, Juniper is expanding its campus portfolio to include the following solutions:

  • Simplified campus management with a single point of control: Juniper Sky Enterprise is a cloud management service that enables operators to deploy, configure and manage switching and security devices, reducing change errors by up to 90 percent. Sky Enterprise also gives network operators visibility into wireless access points using Aerohive Hive Manager NG API integration. 
  • Multigig and compact core switches: The new EX2300 and EX4300 switches bring multigig interfaces to Juniper’s campus portfolio.

Branch Solutions

Juniper’s branch approach supports a diverse set of software functions, while enabling applications and security control that is in sync with …

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