Dell Updates Thin Client Software, Operation Tools

Dell Wyse Thin Client

… easily migrate to Wyse Management Suite, which debuted in mid-2017. This management solution enables organizations to configure, monitor, and manage more than one hundred thousand Wyse thin clients. The solution can be used either as an on-premises or cloud-managed solution, or a combination of both, and is now even easier to use through a new self-guided wizard. Organizations who use Wyse Management Suite 1.1 Pro can also manage via a mobile app to view critical alerts and send notifications while remote. New features of Wyse Management Suite 1.1 include:

  • Wyse Device Manager Import Tool: Wyse Device Manager customers can easily migrate critical data to the Wyse Management Suite as they manage the transition on their own schedule
  • Remote Shadow: End-user support and troubleshooting is made easy with functionality that allows administrators to access, track and take control of a thin client session, no matter where the endpoint is physically located
  • Advanced Installer: Set up becomes more streamlined by enabling support for MySQL databases and offering the ability to change default ports throughout the entire installation process and beyond
  • Integration of Wyse Ecosystem: Simplified configuration and management of converted PCs and all Wyse thin clients across three operating systems

Wyse Converter for PCs breathes new life into traditional PCs

Wyse Converter for PCs is a new software solution from Dell that can convert or repurpose existing PCs running Windows 7 or 10 into thin client-like devices, allowing for an easy transition to VDI with little upfront investment. Converting traditional PCs into thin client-like devices allows organizations to get more life from existing hardware, with the added benefits of a secure and powerful VDI environment. The converted endpoint looks and functions like a typical Windows Embedded thin client, providing a reliable and secure virtual desktop experience across several generations of hardware.

The Wyse Converter for PCs locks down a device’s operating system and converts it into a secure thin client which can be remotely managed via tight integration with Wyse Management Suite 1.1 (or later). The device retains Windows Software Assurance and enables customers to use existing productivity applications such as Skype for Business. The solution can be deployed on any PC that is running Windows 7 or 10, whether from Dell or another manufacturer, reflecting current heterogeneous IT environments.

Wyse Easy Setup allows for quick and easy configuration

Wyse Easy Setup is a free utility that enables IT administrators to quickly and easily configure Windows-based thin clients to their organization’s specific IT policy. Administrators can replicate a single device configuration across any other compatible thin client operating system and tailor end-user experiences. Based on a user’s individual needs, systems can be set up with configurable access to local applications, or be made to leverage a kiosk mode which only allows IT-designated applications. User-specific changes like monitor, keyboard, mouse and Wi-Fi settings are also simple and can be managed by individual end-users, freeing up IT’s time from routine set-up and maintenance.


The following solutions are available in the U.S. and select regions around the world:

  • Wyse Management Suite 1.1 is now available
  • Wyse Easy Setup is available now as a free download on com and will be embedded in new hardware introductions later in 2018
  • Wyse Converter for PCs will be available in late February 2018
  • ThinOS 8.5 will be available in the first quarter of calendar 2018

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