Dell Updates Thin Client Software, Operation Tools

Dell Wyse Thin Client

PRESS RELEASE — ROUND ROCK, Texas – Jan. 31, 2018

News summary

  • Updated Wyse ThinOS expands thin client protocol support across Citrix, Microsoft and VMware virtualization brokers
  • Updated Wyse Management Suite 1.1 simplifies administration with zero-touch deployment and remote configuration of thin clients
  • New Wyse Converter for PCs converts PCs into thin client-like devices
  • New Wyse Easy Setup speeds and simplifies thin client installs

Dell is announcing updates to its thin client software and operation tools to make it easier than ever for organizations to set up, manage and scale Dell digital workspace or VDI solutions. This release includes updates to the highly secure, virus-resistant ThinOS 8.5 software, Wyse Management Suite 1.1 for thin client management, and two new solutions, the Wyse Converter for PCs and Wyse Easy Setup.

“Part of making it easier for our customers to deploy and run digital workspaces is to create thoughtful integration between the hardware, software and back-end infrastructure,” said Darrel Ward, senior vice president, Dell Commercial Client Product Group. “We want the Wyse thin client experience to be the best it can be for our customers. We’re setting out to achieve that through continual investment in our software solutions to create a holistic ecosystem our customers can easily integrate into their existing IT environments.”

ThinOS 8.5: Expanded protocol support and enhanced user experience

An optimum thin client experience is akin to a PC experience. Powerful graphics, audio and connectivity options are essential for employees to be their most productive. Dell continually invests in the development of its Wyse ThinOS software with new feature releases to make the Dell thin client experience as user-friendly as possible for end-users, and secure and easy-to-deploy for IT. With this release, the expanded protocol support features include:

  • Citrix RealTime Media Engine and Multiple Audio Device Support: Upgraded HDX RealTime Media Engine and a major audio sub-system enhancement, including secondary ringer support to improve the end-user experience
  • Citrix NetScaler Improvements: Experience heightened security with two-factor authentication and SMS Passcode support through Citrix NetScaler
  • Microsoft RDP10 Support: Higher image quality and readability using existing hardware encoders and decoders
  • VMware Blast Extreme Acceleration: A hardware accelerator for VMware Blast Extreme Protocol ensures high quality video and graphics via onboard GPU acceleration of H.264 video content up to 1920 x 1200 resolution

Additionally, with ThinOS 8.5 customers can get up and running easier, with the first-boot configuration wizard to guide customers in setting up their ThinOS clients for the first time. For even greater security protection, ThinOS now supports an additional two-factor authentication solution across both Citrix and VMware brokering environments.

Wyse Management Suite 1.1 further simplifies thin client management

Dell also is updating its recently introduced advanced thin client management solution, Wyse Management Suite. With this latest update (version 1.1), existing owners of the previous Wyse Device Manager product can now …

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