Avaya, ‘Playing to Win,’ Buys Cloud Contact Center Provider

Avaya Engage

… a modern cloud-based contact center. Further, Avaya shares our vision for how communications, cloud and artificial intelligence will come together to transform the customer experience and drive new efficiencies for businesses everywhere.”

Daniel Silverman, president of Telanet, said the Spoken acquisition is going to open new opportunities for partners. The company is an Avaya partner in the United States and Canada, and focuses on the midmarket and how to move more customers to Avaya Cloud.

“We deal with several contact centers up in Canada where their focus is how many calls can they make in a day, how many calls can they make in an hour — so if there’s a way to make that more efficient for them so they’re not spending any downtime because these guys get paid by the call, then this is something that is going to help drive additional business,” Silverman said. “This opens up new verticals; this opens up whole new areas from a marketing perspective and it continues to drive the cloud initiative.”

Pat O’Malley, Avaya’s chief financial officer, said the company now has had four consecutive quarters of solid revenue. It has cash on the balance sheet and can get more cash if needed, he said.

“That liquidity is a major, major advantage for us to be a quick mover,” he said. “This team is dedicated to growing and the only way you’re going to grow is to invest.”

The goal is to bring emerging technologies to the market sooner, O’Malley said.

“We’re going to be quick, hard-charging, thoughtful and aggressive,” he said.

Jonathan Irwin, president and owner of Lantana Communications, liked what he heard from Chirico and other Avaya executives, and that the Spoken acquisition is going to be “huge in terms of moving forward in the cloud.” Lantana is an Avaya business partner in the Dallas/Fort Worth area.

“With the focus and bringing it back down to the field in terms of decision-making, and bringing simplicity back into focus for the company, it’s going to be a good thing for Avaya and the partner community, as well as the customers themselves,” he said. “We’ve been a partner for 25 years, so we’ve seen the ups and the downs. So once they got through the bankruptcy process and everything’s focused on moving forward now, we’re looking forward to it.”

Andy Roberts is CEO of Sabio, Avaya’s largest partner in Europe.

“It’s clear that Jim is executing a strategy to be focused around R&D and the customer, which is very good to hear,” he said. “It’s a consistent message being executed well. We remained loyal through the whole chapter 11 process. We believe that the core infrastructure that drives contact centers, which is what our area of specialization is, is incredibly solid, No. 1 market share globally and a great platform to innovate for great customer service.”

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