SAP Makes Cloud Growth Top Priority with New Initiative

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SAP just launched its Cloud Accelerator, a global initiative designed to help expand its partners’ cloud businesses.

Members of the initiative will receive support developing and executing a digital marketing plan, business development funds, the guidance and active participation of a partner marketing adviser, and more.

SAP's Karl Fahrbach

SAP’s Karl Fahrbach

Karl Fahrbach, SAP’s senior vice president and global head of channels, tells Channel Partners the initiative was piloted before his company rolled it out globally.

“It has been optimized in this pilot by including partner feedback and based on thorough analysis (of) which activities had the best impact on pipeline and the highest return on investment for SAP and the partners,” he said. “It helps partners to accelerate their transformation into the cloud. One focus area is the push of more efficient digital-marketing tactics that are necessary due to the economics of the cloud business, as these tactics reduce our partners’ customer-acquisition costs.”

Throughout the year, a SAP partner’s co-funded marketing plan will be used to build business, gain new customers and expand the potential of a “fast-growing cloud business,” according to the company.

“We see great results of our pilot partners who optimized digital marketing campaigns, customer success stories, inbound marketing and website optimization — all supported by a partner’s targeted value proposition,” Fahrbach said.

Projexia, a SAP reseller in Canada, was part of the pilot.

“It’s helped us tremendously and has vastly changed the way we approach marketing the cloud,” said Sylvia Bologna, its president and CEO. “If you want to get an idea of just how much of an impact the program has had, we’ve seen 1,000 percent growth of leads on our website from 2016 to 2017 due to our digital presence, which the Cloud Accelerator program made possible – and that’s just one of the examples.”

Digital transformation is here to stay and is no longer a question,” Fahrbach said.

“As a result, the move to the cloud is reaching a fever pitch — the cost, speed and agility benefits are too good to pass up,” he said. “As a result, more companies than ever will be making the switch and those who don’t are at risk of falling behind — this means that cloud growth will be a No. 1 priority for SAP and our partners in 2018 and beyond.”

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