Konftel Conference Phone Comes to North America

Konftel 300Wx

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PRESS RELEASE — Jan. 3, 2018 — The wireless conferencing trend is strong in North America and we see a huge demand for the very powerful and wireless conference phone Konftel 300Wx, says Torbjörn Karlsson, Product Manager at Konftel. Companies of all sizes are also looking for multiple connectivity options for flexible usage. The unbundled version of the Konftel 300Wx where you can choose your DECT base station is our answer to an increasing demand from many customers.

The wireless conference phone allows users to hold meetings wherever it is convenient for them around the office – without worrying about network and power outlets. The wireless DECT technology is both reliable and secure and the base station is selected to suit the company’s telephony environment, SIP or analog. The phone can also connect to an installed DECT infrastructure. As a true hybrid conference phone, the Konftel 300Wx has USB audio to support software and web based collaboration, such as Skype for Business, and also offers a corded connectivity option for conference calls via a smartphone or tablet.

– We already see an overwhelming response from the market. This is clearly an attractive solution to businesses of all sizes and across different industries. I’m convinced the unbundled offering, with increased value for money, will make it even easier for customers to get into wireless conferencing and meet the demands of a modern workplace while driving productivity, says Fredrik Hörnkvist, Sales Director North America at Konftel.

Konftel 300Wx features:

  • Wireless conference phone for up to 20 people in the meeting
  • Wireless DECT connects to SIP, analog or installed GAP compatible systems
  • Battery with 60 hours of talk time
  • OmniSound® with HD audio
  • USB for collaboration and dual connectivity
  • Built-in SD card recording capability
  • 2-year warranty

Source: Konftel

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