MSPAlliance’s Data Analytics and Benchmarking Program Is in the Works


When MSPWorld 2018 kicks off in New Orleans, March 4-6, the MSPAlliance will introduce conference attendees to a new data analytics and benchmarking program that it’s putting together for managed service providers (MSPs) and cloud providers.

According to Charles Weaver, CEO and MSPAlliance co-founder, the organization has been collecting member data since as far back as 2002, anecdotally and through surveys or certifications. Recently, Weaver realized the treasure trove of data could be very useful to members.

MSPAlliance's Charles Weaver

MSPAlliance’s Charles Weaver

“We realized that this is a really good way to get operational data back to the MSPs so that they could get a better understanding of their business — Where do I sit and how to I stack up relative to other MSPs?” Weaver told us.

The type of benchmarking that the MSPAlliance plans to make available to its member is different from that of peer groups, who tend to analyze five, eight or 10 noncompetitive MSPs. The MSPAlliance has more than 30,000 cloud computing and MSPs members worldwide.

“We can look at the data and ask, ‘How many MSPs are using vendor X? Which MSPs are using vendor Y for their ticketing system and how many are also using that vendor’s RMM? How many backup vendor products are MSPs using?’ These are just tidbits. There’s a lot of deep data that we have access to and that’s the basis for the new benchmarking program that we’ll be rolling out,” Weaver said.

Weaver noted that it’s quite common for MSPs to ask how they’re positioned in the market. The benchmarking program won’t go into financial data — such as comparing two $5 million companies to one another — because there’s a limit to how valuable that type of info is. For example, one $5 million MSP may focus on banks and another $5 million MSP may focus its business regionally or be very hyperfocused geographically.

“There are distinctions that transcend revenue that we’re going to be tackling. It’s going to be MSPs’ business owners, directors and executives that want the type of data that we’ll provide to help [them] chart a business path in the stampede of MSPs. ‘Am I in the front, the middle or the back? Too outside, too far left, too far right…?'” he explained.

Although details about the data analytics and benchmarking program haven’t been announced yet, Weaver did say that there will be a nominal fee for the service with the goal of making it accessible for all MSPs, and also noted that consumers of this service will have to be participating in the process, i.e., giving data, something of themselves, to throw into the mix to make the analytics even better.

Expect to see a workshop on the new data analytics and benchmarking program at MSPWorld 2018.

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