FCC Set to Consider Gutting Net Neutrality Next Month

Net neutrality

…asking Pai to preserve net neutrality.

“What we have heard about the rules about to be released confirms our worst fears,” said Brandy Doyle, campaign manager for Credo Action. “Chairman Pai has followed through with his plan to hand control of the internet to corporations. This decision is bad for our economy, our free speech and our democracy, but we won’t stop fighting to protect the free and open internet. The overwhelming majority of Americans want net neutrality. We will continue to fight back against Pai and his corporate cronies until we have a free and open internet for us all.”

In his blog, David Cohen, Comcast’s senior executive vice president, said Pai’s proposal is not the end of net neutrality rules.

“With the FCC transparency requirement and the restoration of the FTC‘s role in overseeing information services, the agencies together will have the authority to take action against any ISP which does not make its open internet practices clearly known to consumers, and if needed enforce against any anti-competitive or deceptive practices,” he said. “Comcast has already made net neutrality promises to our customers, and we will continue to follow those standards, regardless of the regulations in place.”

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