AT&T-Time Warner Hits Snag, Comcast Trying to Buy 21st Century Fox?

Merger rumor

… the allowance for competition, which will balance subscription rates, content quality and variety. We are really laying the foundations here for a future that is all about mobility and the fact the operators are finally part-taking in this ecosystem and not used as a mere mean to an end is an exciting one, as it means further investment in infrastructure and a much-necessary revolution in the world of commercial TV as we know it, ultimately benefiting the end consumer.”

Supporting Regev’s claim is Thursday’s news that Comcast spoke to 21st Century Fox about buying some of its assets, which include a movie studio and multiple television channels. Variety also circulates the report that Verizon is considering an offer for 21st Century Fox.

The merger, which the companies announced on Oct. 22, 2016, has been the center of much media speculation as it tries to clear scrutiny from federal antitrust authorities. The New York Times reported on a meeting between company executives and the Department of Justice, which drew conflicting accounts of where the potentially merging companies and the federal government stand on the deal. Multiple sources suggested that the Department of Justice, which works to prevent monopolies, asked AT&T to divest itself of certain properties. AT&T CEO Randall Stephenson later publicly denied that he offered to sell off assets – including the news outlet CNN – in order to make the deal more appealing to the department.

The union stated its disagreement with the idea of Time Warner having to dump CNN in order for the deal to go through.

“CWA is completely opposed to the Department of Justice – or whoever else’s – insistence that AT&T must divest CNN or DirecTV, since we have a stake at both,” the CWA wrote. “This must be a decision-making process based solely on the merits of the case.”

Liberty Media chairman John Malone tells CNBC that he is 75 percent certain the deal can get done without any divestitures.

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