ScanSource CEO: Better Customer Experience Top Priority

ScanSource's Mike Baur at Partner Conference

… that direction. We’re changing our business model and our business structure. We do a lot of telecommunications solutions, so telephones, headsets, stuff like that, and we’re actually moving into SaaS … and ScanSource is one of our biggest partners that we’re doing that with.”

David Hertwig, president of ScanSource Catalyst, said Avaya’s upcoming emergence from chapter 11 bankruptcy will be “exciting” for his company and its partners.

“They’re introducing and have continued to introduce a lot of new technologies, so taking it into a newer technology set, more cloud-based and more product development-based versus where they came from where it was basically about just the software and a premise solution,” he said. “We believe that our relationship will continue to grow. We as a company are making some transitions and moving toward a lot of that, too. We’re moving into what we’re doing with cloud, what do we do with more software and then what services we can wrap around those to help our customers be more successful in the market — and they don’t have to put as much investment in. So together, we’re really going in a similar direction and making the journey together.”

In terms of forward-looking technology, Greg Dixon, ScanSource’s chief technology officer, said his company is now ready to take some “positive steps as a business” toward the Internet of Things (IoT) as a business practice.

“In order to move the needle at ScanSource, it has to be really big, and it takes years to move the needle on a $4 billion company,” he said. “But we start small. We get some minor adoption, and we put a person or two at it, and we borrow some time from there and we steal a little bit of this, and we create some solutions and then we get out there. And we have to verticalize it as well. Starting now, maybe in the third year out, I don’t know that we’ll move the needle, but we’ll be able to see the promise of moving the needle, of some real financial benefit to not just us, but all of our partners as well.”

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