Panasonic Updates Reseller Program for Prime Partners

Panasonic Toughbook

… customers,” he said.

And finally, Panasonic is hosting an annual meeting specifically for Prime partners during which product roadmaps, strategy and marketing plans are shared, and feedback is encouraged.

“We’ve been in this market for two decades and obviously the competitive landscape has changed during that time period,” Passanante said. “Some companies have come in and out of the market, so just the competitive nature itself has changed. We just looked at some of the programs that our competitors will offer and what we really tried to do was take the best of everything, but more importantly really took feedback from our resellers as far as what they need to be successful. They’re all independent entrepreneurs, they’re running their own businesses, it’s their investment dollars that they put into their companies, so they’re very attuned to market trends and quite frankly what’s needed to be successful.”

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