Riverbed Updates SteelCentral, Teams with Zscaler


… the new version of SteelCentral, Hille said.

“Each of these map to trends going on in the industry such as improved DevOps, more granular analysis between the end user and the network performance, and of course, the large-scale data transformations that are happening in the NPM space. These trends are ones that resellers can attach to and help drive their own business,” he said. Additionally, he noted that resellers are becoming experts in both APM and NPM, filling the knowledge gap in companies where APM and NPM teams are still working in silos.

One Riverbed partner, Teneo, is taking the capabilities that Riverbed products offer and is packaging them into a service offering, delivering managed visibility as a service, for example.

On another new front, Riverbed and Zscaler, a cloud security vendor, today announced a no-security compromise solution for internet broadband-based transport to branch and remote offices, promoting accelerated cloud adoption for enterprises. The integrated solution brings together Riverbed’s SteelConnect and Zscaler’s cloud-security platform.

“Typically, at the branch office, some companies would have MPLS circuits. This will now allow internet broadband as well and accelerate their adoption of the cloud, ensuring that you’re not compromising the security of the distributed network even if you’re adopting more internet — because you can push the traffic into the Zscaler cloud,” Milind Bhise, senior director of product marketing at Riverbed, told Channel Partners.

How it works?

SteelConnect automates the discovery of connections to the nearest Zscaler data center and dynamically chooses the optimal point of presence (POP) for use for each site in the SteelConnect network. Automation eliminates the need for manual configuration of the network.

Other benefits of the integrated SteelConnect and Zscaler solution include: increased agility; pre-populated ZENs in SteelConnection Manager; dynamic discovery of new ZENs; automated secure connection to the most optimal ZEN based on latency; and automatic failover from primary to secondary ZEN enhances the robustness of the network, the vendors said.

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