BCN Telecom Expands Local Service Availability in CenturyLink Legacy Territory


BCN Telecom has completed a full rollout of local service availability in all 18 states that comprise the CenturyLink Legacy Embarq territory.

The area includes the states of Florida, Indiana, Kansas, Minnesota, Missouri, Nebraska, Nevada, New Jersey, North Carolina, Ohio, Oregon, Pennsylvania, South Carolina, Tennessee, Texas, Virginia, Washington and Wyoming.

BCN Telecom's Michael Ginsburg

BCN Telecom’s Michael Ginsburg

Michael Ginsburg, BCN’s vice president of sales, tells Channel Partners his company expects the availability of services in the CenturyLink Legacy Embarq territory will move partners closer to investigating a BCN service if their opportunity contains locations where this service might be a fit.

“Hitting as many locations as possible with service options is critical in the multi-location deals which make up BCN’s sweet spot,” he said. “If a customer is looking for consolidation of services – to reduce monthly invoices, number of carriers, etc. – the ability to offer service options in more locations means that the partner and BCN have a better chance to succeed and win the deal.”

BCN’s local service portfolio also includes AT&T, CenturyLink Legacy Qwest, Fairpoint, Frontier, TPx, Windstream Legacy Earthlink and Verizon. These services are part of a portfolio that includes a variety of data and networking services, a full complement of options for nationwide broadband aggregation, a full suite of managed equipment and monitoring services, and SD-WAN.

“The rollout of local services in the CenturyLink Legacy Embarq territory is right in line with our overall strategy to continue to help partners win deals by aggregating as many different products and services from as many different underlying providers as possible into a single BCN solution,” Ginsburg said.

Mark Lawton, president of LivTech, said BCN has been a “terrific partner” for his company, especially when the opportunity involves multiple locations, carriers and services.

“Often these opportunities start off with the aggregation of their local services onto one monthly invoice and then grow into larger opportunities,” he said. “As BCN continues to expand the availability of local services, as [it] did today with this announcement, our ability to provide and satisfy the needs of our customers increase in terms of the number of locations reached, and the options available. The more we can answer the need, the better chance of adding value to our client’s organization.”

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