Sandler Partners SoCal Summit: TPx Considering Potential M&A

… mobility, to the point where more than 75 percent of partners sell integrated solutions.

AT&T's Kevin Leonard

AT&T’s Kevin Leonard

“Eight years ago, there was zero production coming out of our channel with mobility. But we introduced it. We said it’s becoming a mobile world. Virtualization is one of the key tenets that’s going to lead us going forward,” he said.

Leonard spoke to Channel Partners about how changes within AT&T Partner Solutions will affect the Alliance Channel. AT&T’s three indirect sales programs – Alliance Channel, Partner Exchange and ACC Business – will now all be under the umbrella of AT&T Partner Solutions. The restructuring means that the programs can benefit from each other more. For example, Leonard says he looks forward to using some of AT&T Partner Exchange’s enablement tools.

“The reality of it is, each of those thee programs fits different pieces of the market. The market is huge out there, and it made sense to bring it together, not to say, ‘Let’s make it one program.’ That’s not the issue here. It is to maximize the best of all of them so that we can leverage all of the programs tremendously,” Leonard said.

Alan Sandler, the founder of Sandler Partners, told Channel Partners that AT&T as a whole has made an effort to drive channel efforts. AT&T Alliance Channel added Sandler Partners to a pilot this summer.

“They’re trying really hard internally,” Sandler said. “And management’s starting to realize this over the last few years under the leadership of Kevin Leonard, that there is an incredible value from the indirect channel, from the agents. So now they’re trying to make it easier for the agents to do business. While they haven’t achieved perfection, they have moved in the right direction.”

Sandler welcomed agents to the one-day summit on Wednesday and closed the event as well. He tells Channel Partners that his partners have shown a strong uptake in hosted UCaaS, cloud computing, cybersecurity and software-defined wide area networking (SD-WAN). They’re also speaking to more departments in a business and not just IT managers.

“What we were really wanting to get out of this event is to help the continuation of what we’ve seen in the past few years, of our partners transitioning from just selling commodity bandwidth to selling VoIP to selling SD-WAN,” he said. “That’s all happened over the past few years, and it’s slowly helped to make the partners more valuable to their customers.”

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  1. Avatar Joe Melander January 16, 2018 @ 12:04 pm

    So, aquire all these business for millions and millions, but lay off service installers who have worked for the company for over 15 years? Great strategy… **** all those who have actually done the work for you making the comany millions- whats really important is the CEO’s bonus and inflating the company’s value with aquisitions.

    I hope this company goes down in flames.

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