Sandler Partners SoCal Summit: TPx Considering Potential M&A

James Anderson

James Anderson

(pictured above: Seated are TPx’s Dick Jalkut (left) and AT&T’s Kevin Leonard.)

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SANDLER PARTNERS SOCAL SUMMIT — TPx Communications says it is eyeing potential acquisitions as it expands its breadth of services and the areas it serves.

TPx’s Dick Jalkut, president and chief officer, described the company’s evolution from a regional CLEC on the West Coast to a national managed services carrier at the Sandler Partners SoCal Summit on Wednesday.

TPx's Dick Jalkut

TPx’s Dick Jalkut

The company’s 2016 acquisition of East Coast-based DSCI signaled a major change for the company, which later rebranded itself from TelePacific. TPx then had to decide how it would expand its footprint, and if its direct or indirect sales would lead the way. That’s when the company hired Jim Delis, a Time Warner Cable and XO Communications channel veteran, to build its partner strategy.

“We decided not to build our direct sales force across the country. We kept our direct sales forces where they were, but in the last three or four months, we added channel managers in Chicago, Pittsburgh, Philadelphia, Washington, D.C., Orlando, Florida. — you get the idea,” Jalkut told the audience of Sandler Partners agents.

The company on Tuesday promoted Carl Moore to director of national channel development for the East Coast and now has 24 channel managers.

When asked if TPx will stop selling circuits, Jalkut said it will continue that practice in certain circumstances. The company’s sales force identifies if a customer needs a bandwidth solution to determine if a tethered network or an over-the-top capability is necessary.

“We have a huge investment that we’ve made in California, Nevada and Texas and on the East Coast with tethered networks,” Jalkut said. “So we’re very interested in being a managed services carrier – not just a managed services provider – and we like to make that distinction.”

Jalkut also answered a question about whether TPx is looking to make a ninth acquisition. He said “yes” and clarified that he wants to avoid “overloading on acquisitions,” causing confusion among his employees.

“We’ve done it successfully eight times; we’re now doing it successfully for the ninth time (DSCI). There are a lot of synergies that have to be realized as a result of that. Obviously, integrating the brands is very important. We’ve probably got another year of effort in order to finish that project, and we’ve identified about 10-12 companies across the country – most of them in the IT space – that we think would be very complementary to what it is we’re doing. We would add different geographies, would add different capabilities, different skill sets, different talent and more entrepreneurship if we make those acquisitions,” he said.

Jalkut was on stage with Kevin Leonard, vice president of alternate channels for AT&T, who spoke about the evolution that AT&T’s Alliance Channel has made. Leonard said his program has made significant steps in driving …

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  1. Avatar Joe Melander January 16, 2018 @ 12:04 pm

    So, aquire all these business for millions and millions, but lay off service installers who have worked for the company for over 15 years? Great strategy… **** all those who have actually done the work for you making the comany millions- whats really important is the CEO’s bonus and inflating the company’s value with aquisitions.

    I hope this company goes down in flames.

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