Autotask-Datto Merger Poised to Benefit MSPs, ITSMs

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Channel Partners' Lynn Haber

Lynn Haber

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In a one-two punch, investment firm Vista Equity today announced the acquisition of Datto, the data-protection platform vendor, and simultaneously the merger of Datto with Autotask, the IT business management company, which Vista Equity acquired in 2014. Today, the companies deliver their solutions via more that 13,000 MSP and IT service provider (ITSPs) partners who deliver services to more than a half-million small and medium-size businesses (SMBs), in 125 countries worldwide.

The impending merger of Autotask and Datto is big news for MSPs and ITSPs who may see a combined organization as a more robust, single go-to vendor or as just more disruption in a market that’s full of it.

Autotask's Patrick Burns

Autotask’s Patrick Burns

Of course, the vendors see the merger as good news for their partners. Looking at the big picture, the deal will bring together two suppliers with complementary products, complementary geographic coverage, and that are both popular with MSPs and ITSPs. For MSPs and customers, it’s a single vendor with big growth opportunities in mind.

“These guys [MSPs and ITSMs] tend to be very busy operationally and anything you can do to increase productivity and efficiency, and provide them with deep trending analytics about how the business is performing, helps them improve their business,” Patrick Burns, vice president product management at Autotask, told us. As partners watch this space, they can expect to see an integration and unification strategy that will allow them to take advantage of those benefits at the interface and database level, a seamless user experience, as well as consolidated analytics, he added.

A combined company will create a single provider able to offer MSPs and ITSPs solutions for operations through service delivery, including backup and disaster recovery, networking continuity, file sync and share, remote monitoring and management (RMM) and professional services automation (PSA).

MSPAlliance co-founder Charles Weaver views the Autotask-Datto merger as great for the industry.

MSPAlliance's Charles Weaver

MSPAlliance’s Charles Weaver

“It’s when you have a lack of disruption, and stagnation — that’s never good. I’m always in favor of pushing the envelope. That’s the only way the industry evolves, and MSPs can deliver better services,” he said.

He points to five years ago as the beginning of when money started being invested into the MSP tool vendor community, i.e., the investment by Insight Venture Partners in Kaseya, AVG Technologies’ purchase of Level Platforms, and the SolarWinds acquisition of N-able. Prior to that, the market was stale and MSPs were complaining.

“The positive side of this deal is the potential for greater innovation, greater investment in R&D, the ability to push and expand the tool sets — Datto on the backup side, and Autotask, they’ve been around longer as a ticketing platform, less mature on the RMM side. So I think there’s a lot that can be done to invest in the tool set all around. I’m guessing there’ll be …

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