Nextiva CEO: ‘VoIP Is to Nextiva as Books Were to Amazon’

Nextiva NextCon

… centered around the perspective and convenience of the client.

“Every day we go to work, we are operating in that dated paradigm and trying to push forward, trying to innovate, trying to be relevant for a new era of business. All the while, society keeps pushing forward,” Solis said. “They keep setting new standards. They keep setting new boundaries. The customer has moved so far from the center of what we think matters that even trying isn’t good enough anymore.”

Solis noted some of the seemingly unimportant details that can ruin customer experience. Major turnoffs include a website that doesn’t work on mobile, irrelevant content and inconsistent cross-channel messaging.

Solis also argued that businesses are no longer competing against only those in their vertical. That’s because the businesses that make major transformations change the expectations that people have for all other types of businesses.

“You all compete against Uber. You all compete against AirBnB. You compete against any app or service that gives people an integrated, intuitive, narcissistic experience, because that becomes the standard for how people want to be engaged. That becomes the standard for how people want to be served. ‘Why isn’t there an Uber for my doctor or my dentist or my insurance provider or my bank?’ There will be,” he said.

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