ServiceNow NowForum: Machine Learning, Security Take Center Stage

John Donahoe of ServiceNow

… shorter incident triage times by using machine learning to improve accuracy in assigning tasks, better SLA performance and better simplified service requests in a drive to improved customer service scores.

ServiceNow's CJ Desai

ServiceNow’s CJ Desai

“We also take security very seriously,” said Desai, citing continual patching of all instances. Security automation and orchestration was another key theme. Given the cost and scarcity of security pros, his call to help make security operations “as efficient as possible” resonated with the audience.

ServiceNow first announced its Security Operations solution in February, including integrations with a who’s who of top security providers that integrate with the platform through APIs. Service providers can import incident data from customers’ existing security tools into a response engine with a single portal view, then prioritize and address threats based on their severity.

In tandem with the NowForum event ServiceNow released its Global CIO Point of View report on CIOs’ adoption of machine learning and business digital-transformation initiatives.

For the survey, ServiceNow worked with Oxford Economics to poll 500 CIOs in 11 countries and across 25 industries. The top-line finding is that companies are increasing their investments in machine learning, but they face barriers around not just technology but talent and business processes. The message from ServiceNow is that it’s smart for both enterprises and service providers to invest in machine-learning software that can analyze and improve its own performance without human intervention.

For customers, the payoffs are speed and accuracy. More than two-thirds (69 percent) of responding CIOs say decisions made by machines will be more accurate than those made by humans. For partners, the number of respondents making at least some investment in machine learning will nearly double over the next three years, to 64 percent.

Event sponsors include Accenture, which has made major investments in ServiceNow, as well as CipherCloud, KPMG, IBM and Okta.

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