BitTitan Expands the MSPComplete Platform

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BITTITAN ELEVATE — News about BitTitan’s expansion of the company’s flagship product, MSPComplete, a next-gen IT service automation platform, is at the top of the agenda at the first-ever BitTitan Elevate user conference this week in Denver.

While MSPComplete was launched in April of this year, the vendor has been quick to add new automated capabilities and features that result in streamlined processes, reduced delivery costs and a more seamless experience for users, BitTitan said. The advanced capabilities target IT and managed service providers looking for tools to help facilitate and automate IT services delivery.

BitTitan's Geeman Yip

BitTitan’s Geeman Yip

“With MSPComplete, we help IT professionals deliver more repeatable, scalable and profitable services through automation,” said Geeman Yip, founder and CEO of BitTitan. “The ability to automate is regarded as the single biggest indicator of long-term success for MSPs and ITSPs,” he said.

The company’s product gives service providers insight to identify inefficiencies as well as optimization of reports with recommendations on how to operate more efficiently with automation, he added.

The enhanced MSPComplete now allows users to:

  • Define and store standard business processes (SOPs), centralizing fragmented and inefficient script management.
  • Capture employees’ intellectual property (IP) and best practices in a single location.
  • Provide reports on resource allocation and cost savings, identifying optimal opportunities for automation and operational improvements.
  • Automate manual processes, eliminating technical errors and guaranteeing that different people or teams can consistently deliver repeatable services.

The delivery of technology services is well understood and executed by MSPs but what they struggle with is operations, according to Aaron Sherrill, senior analyst with 451 Research.

“MSPs of all sizes report quality issues due to lack of standardization, communication struggles both internally and with customers, repetitive tasks performed manually, knowledge silos that only reside in employees’ heads, and highly paid resources working on menial tasks. These problems often result in lower efficiency, lower margins, higher costs, inconsistent service delivery, and ultimately customer and employee turnover,” he told us.

BitTitan’s goal is to help MSPs with these challenges with its MSPComplete platform that delivers process automation, turnkey managed services and intellectual property protection, noted Sherrill. The research analyst is no stranger to MSP operations as he worked for MSP firm, Claris Networks as chief technology officer and then as vice president of information security, enterprise architecture and development at Teklinks after if purchased Claris.

Automation is critical for MSPs looking to remain competitive in a crowded marketplace because it helps them run a lean and optimized operation while increasing the overall quality of services they deliver. Gartner’s 2017 MQ for Public Cloud Infrastructure MSPs report notes that “automation is critical. MSPs either need to build their own automation, or … choose commercial tools and integrate them — or both.”

The managed services automation product, MSPComplete, is available in three-tiered offers: Get Automated, Get Organized, and Get Optimized.

At BitTitan Elevate – The #ModernMSP Conference – partners will not just learn about the company’s expanded MSPComplete product, but also learn how to become what BitTitan calls a modern MSP, building a cloud and managed services business on MSPComplete.

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