‘Devastating’ Events Hurt IT Job Market Prospects for Rest of 2017

Hurricanes, the Las Vegas shooting and fires likely will negatively impact IT pros’ hiring prospects for the remainder of this year.

The total number of new jobs added in the IT job market still is trailing the growth seen in 2016, with only 18,700 new jobs created in the first nine months of the year versus 66,800 last year, according to Janco Associates’ latest IT job market forecast. It’s based on its analysis of September data from the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics.

Janco IT Job Market“In the last three months, only 7,800 jobs have been added to the IT job market,” said Victor Janulaitis, Janco’s CEO. “Based on our conversations with scores of CIOs, CFOs and CEOs, we see slowing is due to the impact of ‘events’ which have placed a focus on maintaining continual operations versus new technology and application deployment. As a result, we forecast that the overall IT job market will see 22,500 new jobs added in the last three months of 2017. This equates to the creation of 41,200 new IT jobs in 2017. ”

In addition to the “devastating effect of multiple events,” the feeling by many C-level executives that tax reform may not occur this year is adding to the dismal outlook, Janulaitis said.

The anticipated job growth is not enough to cover just this year’s IT graduates from U.S. universities, he said. However, the retirement of more baby boomers is creating some upward mobility.

“Looking at the month-to-month number of IT jobs created, for the past year there is a downward trend in that number,” Janulaitis said. “As we reported previously, there continues to be a shrinking of telecommunication jobs due to mergers, layoffs and automation. The jobs in that field have been automated (and) are permanently lost. On the positive side, individuals who moved into telecommunications security seem to be in high demand.”

There is limited demand for new executive and senior management positions, Janulaitis said.

“We believe that there could be a general increase in the headcount for IT staff toward the end of this calendar year,” he said. “If a tax reform is implemented, one would expect that IT jobs would be the first ones … to be filled. The one area where there is increased demand is for experienced disaster recovery/business continuity senior and mid-level managers.”

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