SpiceWorld 2017: New Learn Training, Inventory 8.0

Spiceworks SpiceWorld

… four topical areas: networking, cloud, virtualization and backup and recovery.

Over time, says Nicole Tanzillo, executive director of product operations, Spiceworks Learn will become personalized for users by understanding the topics they’re most interested in and recommending additional resources based on knowledge level, business and experience.The company says its research shows IT professionals spend an average of 6.5 hours per week learning new skills and technologies, with that time broken up into 30-40 minute chunks.

What’s In It for the Channel?

Besides software for managing networks at multiple client sites – the suite includes help-desk ticketing, inventory and reporting, billing, and membership in the directory – Spiceworks will apply machine learning to personalize its management tools, which should help providers better sell to and serve customers.

Announced today in beta 2, the company’s Inventory 8.0 tool changes the preferred method for scanning to be agent-based for more accurate inventory data. Other new features include a more accurate vision of inventory; consistent deep workstation scanning across Windows, MacOS and Linux; and more accurate detection of cloud services and suspicious IP addresses that are “talking” with workstations.

MSPs are mixed on the suitability of the company’s free software to manage customer assets; the suite competes with PSA tools from ConnectWise, Kaseya, Solar Winds and others. Upfront software costs are only part of the equation — partners must also take into account customization and knowledge base, business-process adoption and training. However, for the channel overall, Spiceworks’ large community of IT pros offers deep insights into customer environments.

For example, a recent analysis of anonymized deployment data comprising hundreds of thousands of IT professionals across the globe who use Spiceworks software to inventory their organizations’ laptops, desktops, servers, and other network devices found that, two years after Microsoft released Windows 10, it’s still lagging behind Windows 2007, 84 percent to 60 percent. Despite the security risk of sunsetted OSes, Windows XP is still in use by 42 percent.

The community also offers Yelp-like product reviews, including of UC, VoIP and trunking providers. If you’ve ever wondered what customers really think of ShoreTel vs. Avaya vs. Mitel, here’s your answer.

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