Entisys360 Rolls Out Digital Transformation Practice With Microsoft, Cisco

Digital Transformation

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Virtualization infrastructure and cloud consultancy Entisys360 has launched a new practice centered around digital transformation, focused specifically on DevOps, IT-as-a-service, and big data and analytics.

The Digital Transformation Practice provides Entisys360 clients with access to a range of skills and “elevated vendor support resources” from key vendor partners including Citrix, Cisco, VMware, NetApp, Microsoft and Hewlett-Packard Enterprise (HPE).

Mike Strohl, Entisys360’s CEO, tells Channel Partners the launch of the practice means his company will be able to help clients more quickly and easily embrace DevOps, ITaaS and big data/analytics initiatives within their organizations “so that they can leverage these processes and technologies to become more competitive within their respective industries.”

“Ultimately, through our Digital Transformation Practice, our clients will find that they are able to differentiate themselves by providing a better customer experience than their competitors,” he said.

In the area of DevOps, Entisys360 services include micro-experimentation, software development life cycle (SDLC) optimization, quality assurance (QA) automation, microservices design and code refactoring; while ITaaS focuses primarily on cloud design and patterns, service delivery, application blueprinting, cloud consumption models, hybrid cloud architecture, IT automation, and cloud security models. Big data and analytics services include modern data lake architectures, digital business platforms, enterprise data strategy and real-time decision-making.

“Through numerous conversations and interactions with our clients, we have learned that while many of them are looking for ways to better align their technology initiatives with their business goals, they often struggle to determine the best approach or first steps in this process,” Strohl said. “The fact is that unlike traditional IT infrastructure projects, digital transformation solutions change the way a business does things versus just changing the thing they use to do it, and our clients needed a way to easily change based on the needs of their businesses.”

One example of how Entisys360 is helping its clients achieve this change through its practice is its focus on creating project goal alignment across all stakeholders from multiple business units and departments, he said. This up-front alignment is key to ensuring that everyone understands the value the digital transformation project will bring to the company as a whole, he said.

Xentaurs is an Entisys360 technology partner.

“The customer experience is at the heart of digital transformation, and we are pleased that Entisys360 has chosen to leverage the Xentaurs framework as the foundation of its Digital Transformation Practice,” said Anoj Willy, Xentaurs’ CEO. “Together we are helping enterprises stay relevant and competitive in the new digital world.”

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