Need a New LinkedIn Photo? Want to Watch Live Interviews? Evolution Hub Has You Covered

Channel Partners Evolution Hub

CHANNEL PARTNERS EVOLUTION — A new feature at this week’s Channel Partners Evolution allows attendees to refresh their LinkedIn photos and watch live recordings of interviews with the channel’s top talent.

Mojo Marketing's Angela Leavitt

Mojo Marketing’s Angela Leavitt

The Evolution Hub, sponsored by Star2Star Communications, is in the expo hall along with the more than 200 exhibitors, and thousands of IT professionals and industry experts walking the show floors. The event has drawn about 2,700 attendees.

Mojo Marketing is offering attendees the opportunity to replace their LinkedIn photos with a new one taken by a professional photographer. Angela Leavitt, chief Mojo-making officer, said the idea came from working with so many companies on their social media and seeing it as a big need.

“Your brand is more important now than it’s ever been and people like to do business with people they know, like and trust,” she said. “LinkedIn has become a huge platform for this industry; it’s so active, and so I think having a photo that you not only feel great about but is a professional representation of you goes a really long way.”

Devin Williams, CloudGenix’s director of master agent sales, stopped by to get his photo taken for LinkedIn.

“Linkedin is the medium that our type of professions are communicating on, and now there’s this concept of social selling, which is learning more about your customer before you ever approach them with a sale because they’re doing the same thing to vendors,” he said. “They’re hounding over the internet to find out more about their vendors before they ever engage the vendors, so this is kind of a sellers’ opportunity to return the favor, learn more about your customer before you engage them so that when you do engage them, you do so with a consultative solution that you already know will add value. But if you approach them over a LinkedIn medium, you’re a scrub, you’ve got a bad photo, you don’t have a good profile set up, [it’s] probably not going to go very well.”

Over on the live recording side, Tina Smith, CenturyLink’s vice president of marketing, said the Evolution Hub is “cool, I think it freshens everything up a little bit.”

“We all go to a lot of these shows and we’re always looking for something new and different, and this is a really fun and energetic aspect of it,” she said. “It gives companies like us an opportunity to talk more about what we can provide people.”

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