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PRESS RELEASE — CHANNEL PARTNERS EVOLUTION — The problem today is your clients want a digital marketing solution that takes very little time and effort. They also want their content to change and stay fresh.

Kaleidoscope (Booth 1243), The Digital Marketing Display, offers a new feature where 50 professionally-designed layouts change every month automatically without clients doing anything! Additionally, 70 scheduled seasonal and holiday layouts change throughout the year. A unique aspect of Kaleidoscope is that we continue to create new content that keeps your display fresh, vivid, and professional, which has a positive impact on how your clients are perceived.

“Digital marketing is overtaking traditional marketing. 65 percent of the population are visual learners and constantly looking at digital images. That is why Kaleidoscope is a great option.” said Debra Shine, Kaleidoscope’s Chief Business Development Officer.

It’s time for new ideas and products to present to your clients. Why not have your clients offer a digital marketing display that builds relationships and engages their customers?

Kaleidoscope is a digital marketing solution that advertises and markets any business with personalized content. It isn’t just any marketing display. Your clients will have control of their content and they can create new opportunities for their customers. Two unique qualities are the beautifully designed layouts and hand-selected photos. You can display real time feeds like social media and weather.

Kaleidoscope’s New Features Include:

  • Automatic Updates – Fresh content without you doing anything!
  • Instant Display – Your clients can create new content for their display in just a few minutes!
  • Change Backgrounds – In just seconds, with the click of a button, your clients can have a whole new look for their marketing display!

Sometimes, digital marketing can sound daunting. Kaleidoscope is an innovator and committed to your clients having the best digital marketing display.

We will be at the Channel Partners Evolution – Booth #1243, September 26th – September 28th to talk about our partner opportunities.

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