Level 3: Encrypted Waves Key to Network Security, Performance

Encrypted Waves

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Level 3 Communications says its new encrypted wavelengths will change the data center and cloud connectivity experience.

The company on Tuesday unveiled the new technology, which aims to secure networks. A more traditional response to cyber threats is standalone encryption solutions, which Level 3 says lower network performance. The new offering from Level 3 gives customers “a single network view” of their security and complete access of their encryption keys.

Level 3's Paul Savill

Level 3’s Paul Savill

“Every element of a critical network today has to be hardened against security attacks,” said Paul Savill, Level 3’s senior vice president of core products. “Level 3 encrypted waves offer enterprises peace of mind by addressing security threats such as unlawful interception and fiber tapping, without sacrificing network performance. Unlike other optical encryption solutions on the market today, our solution provides greater direct customer control with built-in encryption key management through our portal. This is just one example of how Level 3 continues to deliver a truly customer-defined adaptive networking experience.”

There’s more data at stake than ever, according to Brian Washburn, director of global business network and IT services for Current Analysis.

“Organizations are moving ever higher amounts of data over their networks and to data centers in remote locations, where fiber may be physically compromised,” Washburn said. “Encrypted wavelengths are designed to protect the most demanding, latency sensitive fiber transport services. This new option can provide wavelength services that are both fully managed and secured end-to-end, all presented to the enterprise and controlled through Level 3’s customer portal.”

Encryption is becoming more and more popular in IT circles. Grand View research says the encryption software market is growing 14 percent every year. MarketsandMarkets named several cloud encryption leaders last month, although Level 3’s encryption waves do not fit the category of cloud encryption.

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