CarrierSales: Partners Should Brace for More Master-Agent Consolidation

CarrierSales' Richard Murray at carrierxchange

… redefine that we’re a people company. It’s about the relationships. So the technology will live to serve that.”

Last year, CarrierSales was the No. 1 contact-center partner in the United States, “and we’ve doubled that number,” Murray said.

“Our numbers are up across the board with all of our core providers — and not up by just a little bit,” he said. “It’s been pretty impactful for the business. With Cox, we hit our annual goal by the end of August, so we still have a quarter left to go there. And some more quiet milestones would be what we’re carving out in the security arena. Not a lot of masters are doing what we’re doing in security and we’re kind of staying a little bit quiet about that because we don’t want them all rushing to what we’re doing. But that’s my No. 1 funnel right now, [a big] opportunity is in security.”

Brett Theisen, inContact‘s senior vice president of channel sales, said CarrierSales really understands the contact center space and also brings in a number of partners that understand contact centers, “so for us this is a very good show because we’re able to get in front of those partners, and we’re able to introduce our CXone, which is our new unified platform to that group.”

“We’ve been able to garner some leads from the event and also educate some of the partners on our newer technology,” he said. “CarrierSales has roughly about 150 partners and we don’t do business with all of them, so it’s been very good for us in that we can get in front of some of the partners and educate them on contact center, what type of opportunities to look for, and then they’ll bring us into opportunities.”

Matt Morris, in charge of business development for Sumo Communications, said it’s rare to be able to connect with suppliers like CenturyLink, “and it’s a great opportunity to talk to them about existing opportunities that we’re working on and some new stuff.”

“This is the first year that we were CarrierSales’ top agent, and that’s very exciting for Sumo because we have grown and grown over the years with CarrierSales,” he said.

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